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Running Waist Pack

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Product Description:

the slim design has enough room for your belongings this design also keeps them firm to your body, so no bounce and no ride up.  This waist pack molds to your waste and is a perfect option for your phone and credit card on morning run. No more large bulky waist packs with this design.

Users love it for its slim size, comfort, and pocket capacity. It’s like an extension of your running shorts!This waist bag is light, compact and fashionable design. It’s also good for other workout activities it’s firm to your body and you don’t even notice it’s their.



Storage Size: 
It has 3 slip pockets, 1 zippered pocket, 1 Lobster clasp inside slip pocket. Different runners carry different items. So, storage size is essential when choosing the best pack for your run. 

Yet it has plenty of storage it doesn’t bounce around you don’t have to sacrifice comfortable and pleasing run. The material also is soft and silky it doesn’t irritate your skin.

The sleek minimalistic design is fashionable and looks like an extension of your running shorts. Also we have 6 different colors so find a pack to your preferred taste.