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Neck & Shoulder Body Massager

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Product Feature:

This high-quality Electrical Shiatsu Back Neck Shoulder and Body Massager can be used at home, in the office or even while driving. Provides a 360 degree massage by automatically reversing the “six-finger” massaging heads. Helps soothe back, neck, shoulder and muscle stiffness. Improves circulation and flexibility. Practical and convenient controls. Over-sized glove design allowing convenient usage. Prevents over-massaging from using a special timing chip. The deluxe version comes with a charger that connects to the cigarette lighter in your car.

Two Options Available:

  • Regular – Shiatsu function

  • Deluxe – Shiatsu, kneading, Stronger heating

Technical Details

  • Shell: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex

  • Filling: 100% EVA material