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Great Glutes ™ Resistance Band For Booty Workout

Lake blue 76x8cm
Pink 76x8cm
Purple 76x8cm
Lake blue 66x8cm
Purple 86x8cm
Black 20x17cm
Pink 86x8CM
Green 76x8CM
Purple 66x8CM

Can't get to your gym right now?

We know the world has gone crazy. Self isolation can be tough. You just got into the habit of going to the gym and working on that summer body!  

Just because you have to stay at home...doesn't mean you can't workout! A little home workout is all you need! 2020 Summer Body INCOMING. 

Reach your fitness goals in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

  • Made with anti-slip technology
  • 3 Levels of resistance 
  • Perfect for toning up your legs and glutes 



Perfect to get your fitness journey started while you have some time on your hands...or keep up your fitness regime. Keep your distance from others and have a great workout at home! 

Check out our beginner booty band workout here: